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Thu, 28-May-20 12:54 PM (0 minutes ago)
Welcome Back!!!
Thu, 28-May-20 12:44 PM (10 minutes ago)
Wish my wife would take another mans dick
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Be careful what you wish for..
(9 minutes ago)
Yup I agree as it’s a door once opened that can’t be closed but if it’s something you can both deal and m oh re importantly cope with then why not
(5 minutes ago)
Add me to the queue x
(3 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 12:39 PM (15 minutes ago)
Wishing I fuck some one
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Thu, 28-May-20 12:21 PM (33 minutes ago)
checkin in 4wank
Thu, 28-May-20 11:51 AM (1 hour ago)
Lovely day to be laying in the in sun with a glass of wine
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Thu, 28-May-20 11:45 AM (1 hour ago)
Video uploaded
Hi there guys, how are you
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 11:45 AM (1 hour ago)
Mr.P accidentally deleted a lot of pictures. What a twit* he is. * wink
He might be one of them there 'orrible mods wot do that om porpoise..
(1 hour ago)
Hope there not the Ones of you
(1 hour ago)
Wasn't a blue bird maybe? tongue
(59 minutes ago)
Lovely you in lovely tights...smile...
(33 minutes ago)
Good excuse to take new pics!
(0 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 11:41 AM (1 hour ago)
Sat a work with hardon
mebbe he has been so shall diss dancing
(38 minutes ago)
farts n furrious still got 2 hours ta run, the epic tank scene
(37 minutes ago)
(35 minutes ago)
no tank .... fukn aweeeeesum
(34 minutes ago)
Hows da snakes Woders ?
(32 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 11:38 AM (1 hour ago)
looking to chat with anyone about anything
when ravers gits oot bed, you be in fo a treat then grin
(1 hour ago)
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Thu, 28-May-20 11:28 AM (1 hour ago)
Amnesty International was founded in London on this day in 1961
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only da king james version tha thee's thou's thy's owe you
(17 minutes ago)
Dose you read Books ? blink
(15 minutes ago)
naaa.never learnt how to read them there werds
(14 minutes ago)
irrelevant, you fukn should tho ya bloody spellin might improve
(14 minutes ago)
go read ya own blog raver 10 to 15 years ago you wrote more than 3 werd sentences
(13 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 11:23 AM (1 hour ago)
Honesty is the best policy. Let's you know how things are before you fall in too deep.
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And you can pre-empt the disappointment by alerting yourself early
(1 hour ago)
Frankly I lay it all out as best and as fully as I can as secrets can be fully ever hidden and honesty is the best policy il agree and for some breaking that a total deal breaker
(1 minute ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 11:19 AM (1 hour ago)
I’m both happy and sad, new episode of Agents of Shield, but damn it’s the last season BOOOOOOO also nowt to do with my previous
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Thu, 28-May-20 11:09 AM (1 hour ago)
Ready and willing
me too, what are we willing to do?
(1 hour ago)
and is it free will or do you charge for your will?
(1 hour ago)
could be a living will
(1 hour ago)
I'm usually or or the other but rarely both.
(58 minutes ago)
I’d say fill out your profile so these kinda questions aren’t overly needed as us men folk ain’t the brightest of sparks at times if you want a good delivery made
(2 minutes ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 10:51 AM (2 hours ago)
It was a sexy naked day in the backyard with Brandylove! Check out my pics of her naked in the pool! We finished it off with some wild fucking and sucking last night,,,,mmmmmm
Sounds as though you have left your vibrator on fast speed there though..
(1 hour ago)
Sexy67man likes this
Thu, 28-May-20 10:50 AM (2 hours ago)
Thing about life is you gotta smile, despite the bs and frankly I’m having a goggle now so I’m winning but errr don’t ask what I’m giggling gleefully about MUH HAHAHAHA
nope mine werks fine ... bit blocked on the odd day, but ya juss grunt a bit mo like grin
(1 hour ago)
now youre talking
(1 hour ago)
You can hear him eek ?
(1 hour ago)
I read lips
(1 hour ago)
so in your case,tongue goes in after reading then wink
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 10:35 AM (2 hours ago)
I love things up my sissy ass!
Thu, 28-May-20 10:23 AM (2 hours ago)
A few more pics added that I missed at the weekend, enjoy x
Thu, 28-May-20 10:09 AM (2 hours ago)
Bored af
Thu, 28-May-20 9:36 AM (3 hours ago)
good evening everyone smile heart
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Flittyboobs!! XXXX Good evening.
(2 hours ago)
clittybutty !! good evening to ya smile
(2 hours ago)
hey flitter smile
(1 hour ago)
hey kiwi smile
(1 hour ago)
good morning flitter
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 9:30 AM (3 hours ago)
Still on leave until end of next month, can't wait to go back lol
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"It's like one long holiday"
(3 hours ago)
cm264 likes this
Yip, crew bar nights nights ahoy grin
(3 hours ago)
It will be 5 months by end of June sad
(2 hours ago)
.... annnnnd by the end of june you will still be alive [1918 pandemic is a sobering read, first signs at 8am, dead by 8pm crying]
(2 hours ago)
Hola cm smile nothing like crew bar nights and nothing like being back at sea enjoy when it happens hun smile
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 9:22 AM (3 hours ago)
Has anyone else’s gardening skills improved during this quarantine like mine have? I planted myself on the sofa at the start of April and I’ve grown bigger ever since. grin
In actual fact my weight has remained much the same and that's a bloody miracle!
(3 hours ago)
<Avoiding the scales wink
(3 hours ago)
EmuLater likes this
*except when I go fishing
(3 hours ago)
Hey emu you might need to up root smile lol sex is a good exercise
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 8:50 AM (4 hours ago)
How has everyone been through the lockdown. Has sexual distancing been a problem for you
cm264 likes this
Naaa,because I did social partnering insteaderer. wink
(3 hours ago)
My hand is 1.5m from my crotch at all times
(3 hours ago)
I've been sexually distant for years LOL
(3 hours ago)
Niko got long arms or a big deek w00t
(3 hours ago)
Just_Nick likes this
Your guess is as good Wodstongue
(2 hours ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 8:07 AM (4 hours ago)
oops! [photo missing]
call me a cynic, but i sense motive...........
(4 hours ago)
Hello Mr Sinnic
(3 hours ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 7:59 AM (4 hours ago)
Good Morning sexy Peeps grin
Good morning sexy you smile
(1 hour ago)
Thu, 28-May-20 7:28 AM (5 hours ago)
to be or not to be the giggling hermit of the sticks eek
bootz likes this
so people suck give up society smile
(5 hours ago)
You can be a giggling, socializing hermit!
(4 hours ago)
RavingLunatic likes this
tought nights make for tough days, wash repeat LOL
(4 hours ago)
terrid53 likes this
taught lines make for good fishing days though,just as I was taught wink
(3 hours ago)
I’d ask are you giggling because you on the sticks but that just raises a few errr questions
(2 hours ago)
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